Martes, Enero 1, 2013

2012 Year Ender Hauls

Happy new year guys~! yey~It's so much fun celebrating new year. We ate a lot, sang a lot, drink, a lot, and
watched fireworks. We even do some exchange gifts.  

Okay, I just want to share my year end hauls for 2012.

My winter and summer cardigans. Well, it's cold at school you know. :P

Hanging Blouse. I find that girl cute. :3


This kind of laced top is the current trend here so I decided to give it a try to buy it. :)

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Once again, 明けましておめでとうございます~! (。◕‿◕。)

Sabado, Disyembre 29, 2012

Drawing Corner:

     Hi guys, sorry if I didn't updated for so long. Well today, I attended Ozine fest. I did so many things there and take so many photos of cosplayers but I'd like to focus on this drawing. This drawing is made by my awesome idol Enjelia. Isn't it good? I really like her drawing style.

     Okay. That's all for today. I will update next time soon :)

       It's Lyfa From Sword Art Online :Alfheim Online Arc

And here is me, being a photographer this day.

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Martes, Oktubre 30, 2012

Drawing Corner: Looking for a Better Boyfriend

     Japanese are the main contributors of manga and anime. Next to them are the mahnwas of Chinese and Koreans... But for Philippines, it so rare..

     Good to say that Filipinos have their pride finally when in comes to manga... Many Filipino mangakas are creating and publishing their own comics and mangas. One of them is the Oh-no! Manga Team. One of its members, Ms. Enjelia Villanueva ((◕^^◕) weeeehh~! my idol~!!), has a manga which is "Looking for a Better Boyfriend". Ever since I read that, I was so fascinated to it, from its good comedic story line to its good art style... From that, I always purchase goodies made by her during conventions like mangas, keychain, bookmarks etc... I just simply love her drawings :)))

This is my first drawing of Yupi, the heroine (or we can say the hero. LOL.. read it so you'll know what I'm talking about.XD) .. I'm into traditional drawing (sorry for not having a drawing tablet (╥_╥) ) .. I drew this last summer.

I made this a week ago.. well randomly to be specific.. My cousin gave back my paints so I had an idea to use it. I used to recycle my shoes by painting on them... yeah, recycled.. nothing is wrong with that. Save the Mother Earth they said  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~  .. I spent hours doing this... and I'm really soaked with paint.. anyway I enjoyed doing this... I was so happy that Ms. Enjelia appreciated my drawing... I was planning to give her a pair of shoes with my drawing of her OC characters.. hehehe.. How about you? want me to give you?..(。◕‿◕。)

Lunes, Oktubre 29, 2012

Introduction to myself..

      Hi guys.. well.. this is my first blog... sorry if it's a bit crappy..

well.. first I'm Ayu Rurei.. but that's only a screen name.. my true name will be a secret hohohoho.. 
My birthday is on March 23, 1996 and I'm from Philippines..
favorites? uhm.. let's categorize
color: black, white, red, pink, sky blue
food: anything sweet
sports: football, volleyball, martial arts

^ uhh.. so much for that this will turn in to autograph book if I continue that hahaha..

     I'm a cosplayer and I started on summer of  2009 .. LOL but sad to say.. I'm not that active.. but now, I promise to give more passion to cosplay~!

     I'm an anime lover. Well an otaku, as they said. I'm in anime ever since I was child. Why? My brother and uncles are game lovers and they infected me.. thanks to them..

     I like writing stories and drawing them in to a manga. Yes, a manga.. don't worry, I'll be posing some here soon :) .. from their, I can say that I'm an artist..

     I like composing songs. Dunno why, but everytime a short melody snap on my mind, I'll hurrily put some lyrics on it. Yeah, I can't make music only, lyrics is needed whenever I compose. After the humming of melody and the production of lyrics, I write it on music sheets and play it through the piano :3

    I'm really into Gyaru styles. Well, I'm also into loli and visual kei fashion.

okay.. I'll end it here for this day. Thanks for reading this blog. Till next time :)))