Lunes, Oktubre 29, 2012

Introduction to myself..

      Hi guys.. well.. this is my first blog... sorry if it's a bit crappy..

well.. first I'm Ayu Rurei.. but that's only a screen name.. my true name will be a secret hohohoho.. 
My birthday is on March 23, 1996 and I'm from Philippines..
favorites? uhm.. let's categorize
color: black, white, red, pink, sky blue
food: anything sweet
sports: football, volleyball, martial arts

^ uhh.. so much for that this will turn in to autograph book if I continue that hahaha..

     I'm a cosplayer and I started on summer of  2009 .. LOL but sad to say.. I'm not that active.. but now, I promise to give more passion to cosplay~!

     I'm an anime lover. Well an otaku, as they said. I'm in anime ever since I was child. Why? My brother and uncles are game lovers and they infected me.. thanks to them..

     I like writing stories and drawing them in to a manga. Yes, a manga.. don't worry, I'll be posing some here soon :) .. from their, I can say that I'm an artist..

     I like composing songs. Dunno why, but everytime a short melody snap on my mind, I'll hurrily put some lyrics on it. Yeah, I can't make music only, lyrics is needed whenever I compose. After the humming of melody and the production of lyrics, I write it on music sheets and play it through the piano :3

    I'm really into Gyaru styles. Well, I'm also into loli and visual kei fashion.

okay.. I'll end it here for this day. Thanks for reading this blog. Till next time :)))


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